Even a decent player at online poker games may struggle to win consistently. Don’t worry if you are one among them. With a few adjustments and strategies, you can improve your game. No need to struggle with looking for proven tips and strategies. Try our seven tips to improve your game and be a better player.

7 subtle tips to boost your poker online game

  1. Ranges not hands 

An elite player knows what his opponent has whereas an average player cannot spot this. The average player thinks to put their opponent on hands whereas elite players think of ranges.

What is the range? Range means what all hands a player can try such as a draw, bottom pair, top pair, a flush, a bluff or an ace-high. Good players know that their opponent can try any of these hands with different frequency. What they do is to figure out when their opponent will use their hands. So, think of range because there is no specific hand rather a player has range.

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  1. Favorite hand

Don’t play your favorite hand all the time as it makes lead to bad play sometimes. You cannot win every time with your favorite hand. Winning the online poker game is not about superstition, it is about math.

  1. A consistent strategy

A consistent strategy is key to win and become a good poker player. Don’t change your style of playing all of sudden just because you feel tilted or bored. Apply every tricks and strategy that you have learned throughout your gameplay. Count every session and hands. All the elite players apply their strategy again and again despite feeling bored or tilted.

  1. Have a reason

Sometimes, even winning players try other strategies from their standard ones. However, they do it very carefully and with clear reasons. On the other hand, average players try different strategies when they feel bored or are unhappy with the results. The same doesn’t goes with elite players. He notices every player, figure out their moves and then takes decisions. They use appropriate moves based on the situations. Thus, they make a profit than average players.

  1. When to fold

A very basic difference between situs poker online uang asli and average players is that they know when to fold. This is very important. When you play at the low stakes, you should analyze the patterns. This will let you know when the right time to fold is. Don’t get too attached to the game. Sometimes you have to let go off the strong hands.

  1. Realize tilt

Tilt will hurt you and your bankroll, poker career and dreams to win lots of money. Lots of players lose huge bankrolls just because they don’t stop playing even when things were not in their favor. There are times when you can do nothing about the bad times on poker tables. This is a game of possibility where you don’t know who is playing against you. Sometimes, you may lose consecutively even after trying your proven strategies.

This is when you should control your emotions. Don’t waste your times struggling to win. Stop the game and get off from the table.

  1. Bad games

Average players stick to the table stubbornly even after knowing that players on the other side are good ones. Don’t play the games if there is no average or poor players on the table. You cannot be the one bad player giving other advantages.

If you are not playing for serious then this tip is not important for you. However, if you want to win the game then take this tip seriously. Play against players who make big mistakes during the game. If you don’t get any such player within the first half-hour of your game then you are the one bad player for the rest of the players. This is most important to remember. So, don’t waste your time more than half an hour.


These tips will let you know whether you are an average or elite player. If you are among the first category then stop doing mistakes that we have highlighted here. The situs poker online games are logical, mathematical so don’t play with emotions. You will lose if you do and others will win. Avoid all these and make most of your game.